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From Two Travellers to a World of Travellers

Hans Niemeyer and Bill Hunt started Map-Sales.com in 2008 to share their favorite maps and atlases with other travellers.  We searched the world and identified over 3000 maps and atlases that we believe are the most useful for travellers and lovers of cartography. 

Hans-Joachim NiemeyerHans Niemeyer lives with his wife, Kira, in a small village in Northern Germany near Hamburg.  Hans loves to travel. 
Some of his best times were camping and sleeping on the beach in Croatia as a young man or travelling with good friends in his Opel Blitz motorhome to many Eastern Europe countries long time before the Iron Curtain came down.
Hans has loved cartography since he was young. 
He was the director of a globe manufacturing company for many years. 
Globes and wall maps of the world appeal to Hans because he can dream about places he might visit someday.
Bill HuntBill Hunt lives with his wife, Iris, in Berlin.  Bill has always loved maps, collecting them even as a small child.  He likes outdoor explorations and has climbed many mountains, mostly in the Western USA.  Bill, who is a Californian, has visited the same number of countries as his age, 53, and hopes that he can visit a new country each year for the rest of his life.  His passion for the information on maps has led him to drive tens of thousands of kilometres in the past few years, correcting information on maps and atlases for map publishers.

Together, Bill and Hans bring fifty years of experience in the map industry world wide and a breadth of knowledge about the best maps and atlases sold in the world today.

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